Monday, April 26, 2010

2 Minutes in Heaven is Better than 1 Minute in Heaven

Today, a series of events transpired on the D-Line bus that seriously made my day complete. Like the title states, it all happened in about 2 minutes. So here goes: I boarded "the D" around 6 o'clock and it began to fill up quickly. I took a seat in the front of the bus, facing sideways, and watched as all the seats were slowly taken. After every available seat was filled, a girl with a guide puppy in training (black lab... very adorable) stepped on "the D." I asked her if she would like my seat, but she politely declined; she instead stood near me at the front of the bus. A few seconds later, another girl came onto the bus, kinda cute, so I asked her, "Would you like my seat?" She kindly declined. I replied with, "Are you sure?" in a half-joking manner to lighten the mood. She again resisted and stood across from guide-puppy girl. Then two Asian girls stepped through the double doors of the bus, single file. One of the girls saw the dog sitting cutely on the floor and jumped, clutching her chest, as if she saw a giant rat. She continued to hurry past the 'beast' even after she knew it was dog, obviously frightened and trying to calm down. A couple more people walked in, then I hear a voice from a few seats back.; it was a guy sitting in one of the two-seat clumps that face forward. "Would you like my seat?" he asks some girl in the aisle, "No thanks" she says. BUT THEN: he responded with, "Are you sure?" It was said in the exact same manner and tone that I had used only a minute earlier. I couldn't believe my ears! It was like he was a contestant on "The Pick-Up Artist" and was using a new pick-up line he learned. I was weirded out of my mind. He definitely wasn't making fun of me, because he looked like the nice guy type that is usually a bit awkward around girls. But come on, man, at least wait until the next bus ride to use it. I looked at the girl I had offered my seat to, and we joked about it - how that 'line' must be the signature line used on buses or something. I explained that, according to me, I made it up... and then sat back and laughed and the overwhelming sequence of events.