Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bus Seating Chart

I've noticed something interesting on the bus, which can also be seen in the classroom or anywhere where people are forced to sit down in a large area of seats. I've noticed that people seem to refrain from sitting next to each other unless they are forced to by a lack of available spaces. While sitting on the bus, I watched as people filed in and took seats one-by-one, but were careful to not sit right next to another person (they would sit at least one seat apart). It's as if it would be awkward if someone decided to sit next to someone else while other seats were available. Girls would especially think a guy was hitting on them or being creepy. Friendliness is out-dated I suppose. It was not until all of the extra spaces were filled did somebody decide to sit next to me. I thought it was interesting, or maybe I just smelled bad or something.

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