Thursday, December 23, 2010

Identical Thought Process?

So the other day my brother and I were doing our Christmas shopping. As usual, we ended up wandering through a bunch of stores. At one point, we were at Target, which is where our story begins to get interesting. We saw a kid walking around the store; nothing out of the ordinary, he was just a kid about my brother's age (like 18). As we continued to wander about Target, we passed by him again and kind of glanced at each other in recognition. It's always weird to see the same person in a different part of the same store. Well after a while, we checked out of the Target, and started walking to the car. As we were on the sidewalk next to the parking lot, we passed by the same kid again! Crazy? Not yet.
We got in the car and drove to Wal-Mart, then to Barnes and Noble. As we were walking around the bookstore, we SAW THE SAME KID AGAIN! Now that's insane because Barnes and Noble is completely across town from Target. I had to say something, since we both obviously recognized the fact that we were going to just about every store at the same time. "I hope you aren't going to In-N-Out next" I said (since my bro and I were going there next) and he said, "Oh, nope I was just there." Hahaha wow. It was just a weird coincidence where my brother and I seemed to have the same thought process as this one random kid, who turns out, was in one of my brothers high school classes (so they recognized each other but weren't friends or anything).
That's it. Now that was crazy.

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