Monday, August 17, 2009

The "At" Symbol

Okay, so I'm pretty sure all of you are familiar with the "at" symbol. You know, the one: @. If you don't know about it, you must be a pretty sheltered person, and probably wouldn't be on the internet. Anyways, I fell like it is an unnecessary short-hand version for the word "at." I mean, is "at" so tough to either type or write out that we need to abbreviate it? It's just an A with a spiral around it, and it takes the same amount of effort to do the spiral around the A than just put a T after it. And besides, what does @ have to do with "at" ? I have no idea. Seriously, if we wanted to be practical, it should stand for "around" instead of "at". Just look at the symbol, it makes sense. A little spiral AROUND the A.... duh! And "around" is a much longer word than "at" (3 times longer actually), and much worthy of an abbreviating symbol. Please people. Who thought of this craziness?

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