Friday, August 28, 2009

Concert Tickets

Hey everyone. So I just thought I would send out some words of wisdom that I have learned lately. I regret to say that I learned the hard way. Okay, so about concerts: they are so much fun! You've probably been to some with your friends and had a great time. However, I want to talk about buying the concert tickets. Just a word of advice: NEVER BUY AN ODD NUMBER OF TICKETS. It will ruin your life. I made the mistake of buying too many tickets to a concert (so I would have to sell them), but bought a total of three. Big mistake. I should have just bought four because it's really easy to get an extra friend to go to a concert if needed. I mean, come on, they are awesome. An odd number makes it so tough to sell them; near impossible. I would have had them sold months ago if I had bought either two or four, but no, I decided to buy three. I am so stupid. So, just don't make the same mistake I did; you will hate yourself for it.

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