Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mosh Pits and Concerts

Hey so I went to a concert about a month ago, and it was pretty awesome. However, while I was there, I thought about the concept of 'mosh pits' and what they really are. Anyways, here is a perspective someone might have on the subject:
I've realized that mosh pits are stupid; a motley assortment of anguished individuals dancing and flopping around madly to the beat. I was crammed between sweaty, stinky drunk people like a sardine, all the while pushing and shoving to maintain balance. I was under constant assault, as shoes, hats, beer and people flew through the air. A potpourri of cigarettes, weed, alcohol, puke and B.O. engulfed the crowd; I swear I must have second-hand smoked at least 7 packs of cigarettes.

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