Saturday, August 29, 2009

Twit Twit Twitter

Doubtless you have all heard of Twitter- not quite a blog, but not a real networking site either. To me, it seems like a website network dedicated to only posting "Facebook statuses." Apparently, it is an internet sensation and all the celebrities have a Twitter account so you can follow what they are doing 24 / 7. It'll send text messages to your phone so you are constantly updated. Come on, people. As if celebrity magazines, like People and Star, and all the other hundreds of t.v. shows, articles and websites don't give people enough celebrity news, here comes Twitter. Now you can know exactly when your favorite stars are pooping on the toilet, taking out the trash or eating breakfast. It's just stupid. I think people need to get their own lives, instead of caring about celebrities so much; they aren't that big of a deal. And do you really think the celebrities are operating their own Twitter? I mean, some, maybe even a lot of them do, but I seriously think a secretary is hired to make up the stuff they're doing for them. I guess what I'm trying to say is more of a question about society: why does the general population feel important by scrutinizing every single detail about a celebrity's life? Do people feel semi-celebrity if they know all about the latest Branjelina or JLo gossip? I hope not. Twitter is just the example of how it has gone too far- make it stop.

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