Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Useless Protective Covers

You have all seen them, you may use them and they are all around you. I am talking about protective covers; the ones that many people use for just about everything from iPods to cars. In some instances, they can be very helpful and necessary (like condoms), but most of the time they are just useless. I mean, the point is to keep your item clean, but if you never get to see it, then what is the point? Some people get a certain pride from over-protecting their things that is just overrated, and the sad thing is that most of these things don't need to be protected. For example: those 'car diapers' that cover the hood and front bumper of some sports cars. Sure, they keep your car from getting dirty in that particular spot, but you never get to see the actual car that's underneath; if you are never going to see it, how can you tell / care if it is getting dirty? The same thing goes for seat covers. These are even more ridiculous. Seats are made to withstand dirt and thousands of butts, so protecting them is unnecessary. Also, as you may know, many electronic devices come with protective plastic packaging when you buy them. To be honest, I left the plastic covering on my iPod for about 2 years, so the screen wouldn't get scratched. However, when I finally peeled it off, I felt so liberated and free, it was unbelievable. It was like I got a brand-new iPod, and revealed a new layer of myself at the same time. A layer that says "no" to the petty protecting of purposeless things. Just stop it.

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