Monday, October 12, 2009

Banana Split

I just wanna give props to whoever it was way back in time that invented the banana split. They were an amazing person. This is for the guy who said that ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream weren't good enough alone, and needed one more item. And there was no other perfect item than the banana. There is something about the entire mixture that makes it heaven on your taste buds. It's just chocolatey, vanilla banana creamy goodness. Yum. On a side note, bananas seem to taste way better when mixed with ice cream (same goes for milk - bananas in milk is delish). So again, I would like to extend a warm welcome of thanks and congratulations to Mr. Split (or whatever his name is) for inventing this delicious dessert of awesomeness. It is so good it has probably stopped wars from breaking out. Seriously.

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