Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ja Hot Tub

Jacuzzis (otherwise known as a hot tub) are so much fun. I think the best time for them is when it is cloudy outside. It is just a perfect mix of cool and warm. Just awesome. I also find it very interesting to go in the hot tub while it is raining; that is an even wackier experience: you are in hot water, but getting pelted with cold water. Just awesome. Hot tubs are even perfect for when you are exhausted after a hard day of work, or a tough work-out or sporting game. It literally melts the stress and pain off of you (and probably even evaporates it - that's how you send your troubles to god). Maybe that's what jacuzzis really are: a subconscious method of prayer. God invented them as a way to evaporate your troubles so they rise up to him and he takes care of it. But when he is fed up with your whining, well, that is what rain is. So you really gain nothing to be in a jacuzzi while it's raining. Feels good though.

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