Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sauce and Shirts

Today I ate some slices of pizza while wearing a plain white t-shirt. Guess what happened... NOTHING! That's right- nothing. For once in my life I didn't get sauce on my white shirt. That doesn't just go for pizza; it goes for about everything, doesn't it? Somehow, if you wear a white shirt, the food you are eating (or attempting to eat) seems to be magnetized to the shirt, and nothing can stop it. Spaghetti has to be the worst; those saucy noodles flipping and flopping dreaded tomato stain throughout the air. Those Italians and their messy food- I'll bet that if you had a clean bib after dinner in Italy you would be considered a god of manners. But if you avoid the sauce spill, it will catch up with you. I'm sure that some sort of stain will find my shirt before too long, since I avoided the pizza sauce. It's like a "Final Destination" sort of thing.

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