Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Eating grapes is sometimes the biggest gamble of your life. Out of an entire bunch, there might be only a few good ones. However, it can be really difficult to notice until after you have bitten into the delectable little purple (or green) thing. I personally prefer crunchy grapes that are NOT squishy at all. Haven't really asked around, but I hope nobody likes those soggy death grapes that make you feel like you are chewing on a piece of moldy wet cardboard. I get so freaked out when I pop a grape into my mouth, bite down, and realize that it is a soggy one. I think I'll get mold poisoning or something. Grapes can be dangerous; don't swallow one too fast. However, they are absolutely perfect for tossing into the air and catching (or attempting to catch) in your mouth. They are even great to toss them to a friend, or throw at a friend, or put in a fruit salad (cuz they're a fruit) and even tacos (so I've heard). That's all I have to say about that.

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