Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today I had some random thoughts about rainbows in my biology class. I don't know how it came about or why, but I thought it was funny. So even if you don't think this is funny, I did, and that's all that matters I guess. (kinda selfish but whatever). Okay, so I was wondering if a rainbow were to eat a bag of Skittles, would it be considered cannibalism? What would it taste like to them? I mean, unless a rainbow has eaten another rainbow, they couldn't really validate the advertisement that says if you eat some Skittles you are "tasting the rainbow." And on another note, do you think that rainbows get offended by that advertisement? Like, maybe they see it as an attack on them, like all people should just start eating rainbows instead of following them to a pot of gold. Maybe it was a subconscious plan of the Skittles corporation to secretly get rainbows eaten away from the earth... It would be cool if it rained Skittles though (until you got hit in the head with one). Maybe that is the revenge of the rainbow.

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