Friday, October 9, 2009


So I just noticed that the website "Blogger" reminds me of Frogger, the classic street smart frog that usually gets squished crossing the street (unless you are good). He would work so hard to make it past the traffic (with cars going every which way with no lane divider- definitely not city regulations) to see some lily pads and logs. But for some odd reason, if he fell in the water, he would die. I mean, come on, Frogger is a FROG. Last I checked, frogs can swim. Heck, I am pretty damn sure they spend the majority of their lives in the stuff. Maybe if it were shark / pirana infested waters I could understand, but not a plain old river. And if you think about it, Frogger must have been pretty freakin' hungry to do all that work and risk his three lives for a fly.

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