Monday, September 7, 2009

Church Yesterday

So my church is definitely going down hill. Down a steep hill. Very fast. It used to be a good church with a powerful message to help you be a better person and lead a better life, but now it is just a show. One indicator is that my church bought out and renovated an old movie theatre. Another could be the fact that the people there clap ALL THE TIME. They clap after every song, always, as if it was a concert instead of worship. Sometimes they won't shut up, and it usually comes back to that 'one-guy' who decided to start the clap. However, it is funny sometimes when he tries to start a clap and only a few people join in- fail! Haha. Anyways, so aside from the big band, stage setting and clapping something very interesting happened yesterday. First off, my pastor has suddenly come into the habit of entertaining the crowd rather than preaching. He tells wild stories and jokes that vaguely relate to the message at best. Yesterday's topic was about finding God's treasure in your life or something cheesy like that. You know what they did? They showed a video clip of Pirates of the Caribbean, and then our pastor came on stage wearing full-blown pirate gear and talking like a buccaneer. You know- "Aar Matey" and "scallywag" and all that. He had a giant hat with a huge feather, a bright red coat and a hook in one hand. It was funny, but come on man, this is church. I'm not saying it has to be uptight, but seriously, it has become a show instead of a place to better yourself. And the show isn't that good either.

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