Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Name Tag

It's so fun to mess with people. I mean, in a nice friendly way. Example: Yesterday a bunch of my friends and I went to visit Courtney on campus (because she's an R.A.). While we were hanging out in front of the building, it was obvious to notice a bunch of freshmen milling about, since they just moved in. Sidenote: for some reason not being a freshman anymore makes you feel like "all that and a bag of chips" a.k.a. awesome. So we were talking there in front of the building and a freshman guy walked by us. He had a name tag on, so I decided to have a little fun with it. As he walked by us I said, "Hi, Kevin Young." It caught him completely by surprise. He wondered how I knew his name, and I said I'm psychic or something. However, David was in the background pointing to his own chest, and Kevin Young finally realized that he still had a name tag on. It was great. Everybody had a good laugh about it, then continued on their day.

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