Friday, September 4, 2009


Being sore sucks. You don't really realize how much you use a certain muscle until it's sore. Do you ever feel like if you stretch it too fast you will tear your muscle apart? I hope that isn't possible. In a way, being sore helps you appreciate your muscles during their healthy state. Take your abs for example. If your abs are sore, just about any activity you try to do will be marred with a bit of painful sting. Funny thing is, whenever you're sore in a particular area, it always seems that you need to use that muscle. No matter what. Same thing goes for when you get a cut or bruise or some other injury. Let's say you get a blister on your hand somewhere- everything you touch seems to poke the blister, doesn't it? It's like the world's cruel joke: if you are hurt somewhere, the world makes sure to pain you in that spot. By that justification, we should all poke fun at sore losers. They are sore (at losing) so it is only right that we make it worse for them, right?

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