Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soda POP!

Yesterday we looked in our mini fridge and found an unexpected spectacle. There was syrupy brownness all over, and some even dripped onto the carpet. The source of the problem: a can of Pepsi had exploded. That's right- exploded. The mouth of one can was turned up, and dismantled as if it had been thrown on the concrete. After further investigation, we discovered the reason the can exploded: the fridge was too cold. Way too cold. It was almost like a freezer I guess, because it froze the cans of soda in there. We were lucky that only one exploded. However, when feeling the other cans we noticed they were all rock-solid. In a frenzied mad rush of panic to avoid any other explosions, we hurried the cans to the counter to defrost. (actually we removed them in normal fashion in no rush whatsoever). Anyways, we cleaned up the mess and the day was saved. Luckily, we remembered to turn up the refrigerator temperature so this sticky situation would not happen again.

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