Monday, September 14, 2009

Concert T-Shirt Guy

Man it would suck to work at a concert. Well, in some departments. The little aisle security guy in front has it made in the shade, but the t-shirt vendor people have it bad. It must be so stressful. It must also suck to be one of the search people who feel you up before you go in to make sure you don't have anything you shouldn't. (My friend had to throw away an umbrella). Somehow people manage to get things in, and if something went wrong it would be all your fault. Anyways, back to the t-shirt vendor people. While I was in line for a t-shirt, I realized how annoying it would be to work there. A mass of people squeezing in together to get a shirt with no definitive line or order whatsoever. Terrible chaos. The guy working closest to me was getting annoyed- almost everyone would go up to him with no idea what they wanted exactly, pointing at like 10 shirts saying, "That one." When he would bring them the shirt some of them would hold it up, say 'nevermind' and leave. Wow people. He yelled at us to make a line, and well, he tried to be nice but he was dealing with a bunch of idiots. When it was my turn I went up to him, said exactly what I wanted (mentioning size and color of shirt so he knew what ones), gave him EXACT change, said thank-you, and left with my merchandise. I swear I must have made his day as his best customer.

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