Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Run-In With "Woo Girls"

Alright so last night my family and I went to Bucca di Beppo (or something like that) which is a family style Italian restaurant. It is very unique and has tons of pictures on the wall of random people. Most of them are in black and white. I noticed something funny about those photos: they contained a lot of fat people. I'm not trying to be mean, but I was scared that their food would make me fat or something. Why else would they have a bunch of really fat people on the wall? It was creepy. There was also a photo of some nuns frolicking in the water at a beach (with all their nun gear on). It was pretty funny. Anyways, we sat near a room that apparently contained a large party of people (like 50) and from what I could gather, they were hosting some kind of going away party or something like that. They were so obnoxious. They would randomly burst into cult-like chants of random things for several minutes that would be followed by giggling and applause. They were SO LOUD. It wasn't that bad, but then came the wooing. I think they were handing out awards or something, but seriously, they all erupted into a big 'WOO' about every 30 seconds. It got so annoying. The table next to us got really peeved, and would say things like "Hey were trying to talk over here" and "Is there a door we can close?" I agreed, their 'wooing' got way out of hand. I mean, a couple 'woos' here and there are okay, but to 'woo' that much over the period of about 20 minutes is just unacceptable. I responded the only way I could, by making fun of them. They probably didn't hear me, but my brother and I started to 'woo' after minor things. For example: I would say, "I just took a bite of food!" WOO! or "These pretzels are making me thirsty" WOO! It went on and on. But still, it very bothersome to hear them 'woo.' The only thing that may have saved them was that some of the girls were cute. Anyways, that is my blog post for today. WOO!!!


  1. did you possibly get inspiration for this piece from the funniest tv show on earth, aka 'How I Met Your Mother'? i think yes.