Monday, September 21, 2009

Virtual Haircut

Yesterday I was shown one of the most amazing things ever. It was a YouTube video, but unlike one I have ever seen before. Part of the reason- you didn't "watch" this video, you listened to the sounds. Let me explain: The video is called "Virtual Haircut" and the only way to properly watch it is with headphones (preferably the good stereo ones). The video itself is essentially a blank screen, but the sounds mess with your head. Basically, the way the sound is set up, it seems like you are really in a barbershop, about to get a haircut. The audio is time delayed in each ear, so your brain is trying to locate the sound, but when you look around you there is nothing there. It was so weird. The sounds go in and out, and all around your head, as you feel somebody is in the room with you giving you a haircut. It is tough to describe the awesomeness of this phenomenon, so I can only urge you to go out and try it yourself. I was like a giddy little school boy I thought it was so cool.

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