Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goodwill Experience

So something really interesting happened to me yesterday. My dad, grandpa and I went to the Goodwill store to get some things for my apartment. At the front of the store we saw some frying pans and put one in our cart. It wasn't used, and there were a few more left on the shelf. Anyways, we went about our shopping, adding things here and there that we thought would be useful. At one point, we left our cart unattended near an aisle (while we were a few feet away looking on some of the shelves for stuff). When we came back to our cart, to our surprise, the frying pan was missing. Gone. We looked around, wondering if we had the right cart or where we could have misplaced the pan. The only logical conclusion was that somebody in Goodwill came by and took our frying pan out of the cart. We couldn't believe it. I mean, it wasn't a great frying pan (it was good) but there were definitely some left in the store. And who goes around taking a frying pan out of someone else's cart in Goodwill, of all places? Maybe if it was a valuable game or novelty item and I had the last one in the cart, it would be acceptable. But a frying pan? Come on, man (or woman). It was ridiculous. If you go around stealing things out of carts at Goodwill, I am pretty sure your life has sunk to a new low .

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