Saturday, September 26, 2009

Segway Kid

So far at school I've seen some pretty ridiculous things (I will tell about them in posts to come) and here's one of them. Everyone knows that Davis is a bike town; there are practically thousands of bikes around the campus and city. So it is definitely no surprise to see thousands of kids biking around campus to get to their classes. On one such occasion, I was enjoying a pleasant day under a tree (watching for potential bike crashes at a traffic circle) when I noticed something extremely unusual. Amid the sea of bikes, I saw a kid on a Segway zoom by. He had a cool air about him, as if he had ridden a Segway hundreds of times. He probably had, and most likely used it to get from one side of his mansion to the other. Seriously, who rides a Segway from class to class? This kid must be too good to pedal, because bikes aren't that hard to ride. Or maybe he was never taught to ride a bike and was instead shown how to ride a Segway ever since he was a tiny infant. I wonder how many times he fell off before he got it right. Either way, the Segway is a bit excessive. It's cool (and makes everybody jealous every time his whizzes by) but excessive.

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  1. yeah i definitely saw him too. my friend at home thought i should get one since before last year i hadn't rode a bike since i learned :)