Friday, September 25, 2009

Cool Back Pack

Today I saw one of the coolest backpacks ever. It is so cool that it isn't sold in stores; it belonged to a kid in my physics class, whom I was able to befriend. It was made from a cylindrical plastic bucket (with lid) and covered in stickers and writing. You know those several gallon buckets that can hold baseballs or cleaning water or whatever... Anyways, he cut the bucket in half and put a back on it, and made it so the lid was semi-attached to the main part. So, essentially, his backpack was half of a bucket with straps. He had all his notebooks in there, as well as other school supplies. To me, it makes perfect sense because you know for a fact that any roughhousing or carelessness or tossing wouldn't damage his supplies inside. (I've never typed roughhousing before. lol). It was definitely one-of-a-kind and he didn't copy it from anybody, I asked him.

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