Monday, September 28, 2009

Missing the Bus

Oh man, it is such a depressing sight to see the bus you need to take drive away right in front of your eyes. That happened to me today... twice. Missing the bus can throw off your whole schedule, luckily, it didn't affect me too much. However, I'm sure that many a person's lives have been ruined because they missed the bus. There are sadder things, but seriously, seeing the bus slowly (buses are sooooo slow) inch out of sight is kind of insulting; it is too far away to catch, but close enough to make you feel bad. You know that if you had made it to the stop one measly minute earlier your entire life would be different. Instead of standing disappointed at the bus stop, you would be happily seated on a bus en route to the destination of your desire. If you really think about it, making the bus (or not) could have the opportunity to really alter your life. The people you meet (or could have met) is just one example. And I really don't think the back of the bus is that bad of a place to sit, but that's a topic for another day.

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