Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Donut Man

Okay so here's a funny little story from my life. So, after church on Sundays my family got into the habit of going to a little donut shop, called RB Donuts. We would go every Sunday. The shop was run by an Asian couple who could speak English, but had pretty heavy accents. Anyways, since we would go so often, the man would recognize my brothers and me. We would usually order the same donut: I would get a maple bar, Tyler would get a chocolate twist and Derek would get a strawberry cruller. Well, after a few weeks, the Donut Man (Asian shop owner) began remembering our orders. On a couple occasions, we would just walk in the shop and he would put our usual donuts into a bag for us. It was funny. We would change it up a few times (my brothers mostly) but I usually got a maple bar. Eventually, the Donut Man began calling me "Maple Bar." That was my name. When I went away to college my brothers went to the donut shop without me and Donut Man would ask where "Maple Bar" was. My brothers would explain that I was in college. During breaks when I was home, he would immediately recognize me and grab a maple bar for me. So that is our relationship: Donut Man and Maple Bar. Yesterday I saw Donut Man in a department store- it was so weird. He didn't have a maple bar to give me. It was sad, but then again, it wasn't Sunday.

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