Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Texting Habits

Have you ever noticed how there are just some people who seem to send text messages in such an annoying way? Well, certain people have texting habits that are straight-up unhealthy and dumb. First off: the "hip text lingo guy." Seriously dude, stop it. They text like this: Hey dde wasup wit u. Ill b l8 4 din 2nite but b4 u go 2 bed..." and all that crap. It's ridiculous, so just stop it. They invented T-9 Word (predictive text) for a reason. The other person, which I hate most, is the person who texts you just saying, "Hey." That's all they say. They only text "hey." I'm not gonna respond to that. If you want to talk to me, then think of something more creative to say, or just call me at least. Which brings me to another point- texting should be limited. It has gotten way out of hand and people should just call each other more. Stop hiding behind emotionless text messages because you're afraid of talking to a real person. Another person is the texter who uses exactly correct grammar. It's not annoying, but just funny. You don't need to take THAT MUCH time with it. Usually, it is the new texters (or parents) that use this method. Anyways, the last person on my list is the texter that always have to have the last word. You say goodbye, they say bye. You say see you later, they say okay, etc. No matter what you do, this person has to text last. It's kinda sad; I think they are clinging onto every text message they can get. So watch out for these annoying texters, and please don't be one of them.

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