Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fresh Losers

First day of school- yet another day of ridiculous freshmen. My chemistry class was PACKED full of people; there were more than 500 people there. It is mostly a freshman class, which makes it fun. And since it was the first day, the wee little freshmen got to ask their precious little questions. *Sidenote* My Professor is Dr. E and he makes a lot of jokes (he's very very good) and says things to get a laugh that normal professors wouldn't. Anyways, back to the questions. It was sad to find out that some freshmen didn't get his jokes. For example: Dr. E joked that he would take attendance (but sounded serious); later, some kid asked, "Are you really going to take attendance?" REALLY DUDE!?! I mean, how on Earth would a professor take attendance in a class of over 500 people? That kid was clearly a 'n00b' freshman because, hello, lectures aren't mandatory- especially one like chemistry. But the idiocy didn't stop there. Somebody asked what P.T.A. number stood for (permission to add). That doesn't sound so bad, but it was, because the kid asked that question RIGHT AFTER Dr. E said what it was. I even heard some girls behind me discuss the spelling of the word: syllabus. Ugh! I hope I wasn't that loserish last year, but maybe I was.

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