Friday, September 18, 2009

Fixing Bikes

I never thought bikes could be so much maintenance. Seriously. Since last year I have had a flat front tire on my bike and refused / was too lazy to fix it because the air leaked out so slowly. Well, now we have a ton of free time since school hasn't started yet, so I decided to fix it. I pulled out the tube, found the hole (after much scrutinizing) and patched it. Although I thought (hoped) I was done, I definitely was not. To my dismay, my bike tire was flat the next day- the patch failed. I tell myself that there were more holes (instead of me just failing the patch job). So, a few days later I went and bought a new bike tube, and now it works! So exciting. But my story is nothing compared to Kenny; he has had so many bike problems. According to him, he had zero problems last year, but I guess his bike's mileage is way up there now or something. He had to patch a tube (failed), bought a new one and fixed it, but the spokes broke. Geez. So he had to send his wheel into the bike shop for new spokes. We hope that's the last of his bike failures, but in the back of our minds we get the feeling that he's not done by a long shot. "When in Davis", I guess.

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