Saturday, September 12, 2009

Peanut Buttery Greatness

There's nothing quite like the smell, taste and appearance of a fresh, brand-new jar of peanut butter. Something about it's perfectly flat and unbroken surface right after the seal is removed just screams excellence and tastiness. I almost don't want to disturb it; maybe just let it bask in its glory for eternity. But I am hungry. Scooping a finger into the perfect sea of silky smooth awesomeness is a bittersweet moment. I enjoy the undisturbed peanut buttery taste, but am sad to disrupt its calm. In a way I feel I am stealing its innocence because, after that, it just gets more disheveled and ragtag. Nobody cares about peanut butter after it has already been used, they just slop it on toast or a sandwich without a second thought. But if it is a new jar, it takes on an entirely new persona. A persona of awesomeness, as just about everyone is in awe of its perfect beauty. In this world of hate and wrong, new peanut butter is a metaphor to the world; every new jar is perfect until it becomes corrupt by people. Once it is disturbed, there is no going back, and it is a tragedy to witness.

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