Wednesday, September 30, 2009

School Is

School is great. Because. Okay seriously, I'm trying to convince a friend of mine with this post, and honestly, I don't think it will work, but here goes... School is awesome, despite what many people (coughJaclyncough) might think. I mean, yeah it can be a minor inconvenience to read books you wouldn't normally or be forced to actually see what the inside of a library looks like, but in the end, you are better for it. An obvious reason (before I get to the learning part) is the people you meet everyday, especially in college. You meet SO MANY people in college, and they all have a major influence on your life whether you realize it or not. You make new best friends, follow trends and just go with the flow. That is the best part, and the reason why all the 'old people' say that college is the best years of your life- because of the friendships you make and the good times you had. Nobody remembers the reading they had to do, the countless hours of worrying, the midterms they had to study for or the fact that they had to take final exams on their birthday. Instead they remember hanging out with the people they care about, going places and the enjoying the fun times between all the work. And besides, the work isn't all that bad. I mean, sure, half of what we learn is inapplicable to our career or our lives and we forget most of it after the test, but we paid money for that knowledge (a LOT of money) and we want to see some results. So enjoy the good times in school when you don't actually have a real job / career and are in a place where all your friends are easily accessible. Because after college, it's just not the same environment, whether you wear an alumni sweater or not.

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